Loft conversion estimate

Thinking of getting a loft conversion? This can be a good idea not only from the standpoint of structural home improvement but also from the financial standpoint.
We can provide you with a free, no obligation estimate for your loft conversion.

Less accurate means of loft conversion estimation are as follows:

Loft Conversion Estimates by sq meters:

One mode of estimating the cost of a loft conversion is to estimate in accordance with the square metres in the loft space.
A general price per square metre for a loft conversion is approximately £1000 per square metre (this can vary significantly and is not to be taken as an accurate assumption).
For example if a loft space is 36 square metres’ the maths around this rough approximation would be 36 x £1,000 = £36,000 cost to convert the loft.
This is to be taken as a rough estimation, a more in depth quotation would be a better idea in most cases.

Loft conversion estimates by using an online calculator:

This can be another means of estimating the price of a loft conversion, whilst this can provide some for of vague information, in practice the actual costings of the conversion can vary wildly and here is why:
a) The price of labour may be vastly different in your locality – a loft conversion cost calculator will not usually take this into account and even if it did how accurate could that be?
b) The price of materials, from one company to the next can be different, an online calculator would find it difficult to represent the variance in this.
c) Architectural fees, an online scripted resource such as a calculator would not be able to accurately predict costings from an architect, and the same applies to the building engineer (as required)
In summary this is not an accurate way to provide even a rough guide to the cost of loft conversion.

The reasons a proper loft conversion estimate would be to your advantage are as follows:

1) An accurate estimation (home visit by an expert builder and consultation and assessment of the project) would include all of the individual elements you would like including in your loft, all decorations, and all bespoke features.
2) The type of loft conversion would be included in an official estimate carried out by a building professional, for example a dormer conversion may cost more than a velux loft conversion, a hip to gable may work out cheaper than a mansard loft conversion, so it’s advantageous to have a more accurate estimation.
3) During an estimation from the building professional, that would be your opportunity to seek advice in relation to what would be most appropriate for your specific property, this is important because certain kinds of loft conversions are not suitable for certain home builds, for example a mansard loft conversion can be especially advantageous to a terraced property (maximises the roof space) but a dormer loft conversion can look strange on a terraced home. It enables you to check which loft conversion type is most viable.

Why You Should Allow Us To Provide You With A Loft Conversion Estimate & Consider Us For Your Build?

1/ We have years of experience in the planning, the build and the completion and fit out of loft conversions.
2/ We have a proven track record of completed loft conversions with a number of satisfied clients whom have received a high quality service and have expressed satisfaction with the finished loft.
3/ We can handle all types of loft conversion whether it be a mansard, dormer, velux, or hip to gable, we can handle all forms and all jobs of all different shapes and sizes.
4/ We are a full service loft conversions and home improvement provider, we can be your one-stop-shop for a variety of building services (including notably: loft conversions).
5/ We are an honest, warm and friendly organization with building professionals who uphold the highest standards in professionalism and care.

How Do I Arrange A Loft Conversion Estimate?

If you make contact with us using the online form to the upper right hand side of the page, once you’ve put in your details one of our representatives will be in contact with you to arrange an appointment for an estimate, this will involve a discussion with you about your ideas for the project, perhaps some advice, and from there an estimate and quotation of both the price and time-scales to completion will be provided to you.

What Happens Once I Have My Estimate?

Once the estimate is provided to you, you will have the option to proceed or if you would rather wait and explore other avenues or options, all our estimates for loft conversions are provided on a no obligation basis, there is nothing to sign or agree to until you have decided you would like us to take on the project and work with us.

Once I Have My Costs Estimation, How Soon Can We Begin?

We don’t believe in having our clients wait around any longer than they have to, so once the price for the job is agreed we will make arrangements to start proceedings and get things underway.
This will also be dependant on a few other factors:
1) Usually with loft conversion you don’t require planning permission, however with certain kinds of conversion, planning permission may be necessary (if for example the roof is to be extended above the existing skyline, this can sometimes require planning permission).
2) Do you live in a conservation area? Don’t worry we can check on this for you, however allowances may have to be made when you set your expectations to having your loft completed (sometimes permissions must be granted by the local authority prior to beginning your conversion).
3) The availability of our staff to begin the project (we will ensure our staff are available to begin as soon as you are ready)
4) The time-scales that you would like to work to (some clients don’t wish to begin with their attic conversion straight away).

How Quickly Can I Have My Loft Conversion Estimate?

Once you make contact with us using the form to the top of the page, (or by phone) we will endeavour to get an appointment set with you as soon as possible (hopefully same day you will have an appointment date) and we can take it from there.

How Will I Know If My Home Is Eligible For A Loft Conversion?

You will be informed of this during the initial consultation, the building specialist will need to know the floor to ceiling height in your loft (usually around 2.4m but the minimum loft height is 2.1m). In any case you will be informed of the suitability of your loft project once you meet with our representative.
To arrange a loft conversion estimate for a quotation of your project, get in touch using the “get a free quote” form to the upper right hand side of the page.